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The Dwelling Place of the Holy Spirit

On the morning of June 14, 2021, I saw a post and it read, “You are a habitation of God.  He is not going to come and visit you.” This really hit me hard as it was bringing clarity in an area I have consistently wondered about.

In the past, whenever I had prayed at the start of a gathering or time in prayer, I have prayed saying, “God we invite you in this place or Holy Spirit of God we invite you in increase in this place, etc.” Though in my mind, I am thinking, “God is already here and His spirit dwells within us.  Then why do we (many in the Body of Christ) speak out to “invite” God?”

Walk in the Knowing
As a believer of Christ, you have to learn to walk in the reality of KNOWING that God is already in your midst at any given moment and that His spirit LIVES in you.  Simply, you are to show up to the assignment and God will automatically do what He needs to do.  He is already in your midst and is already all around in the atmosphere. He is in every particle of the air and in every fiber of your being. The spirit of God, the same power that rose Jesus Christ from the dead LIVES in you.  Learn to walk knowing these are facts. Once you do you will see that there is no need to “invite” God in.

He said that He will never leave you nor forsake you and God meant it!  So that means He is always with you and will never leave you nor forsake you. At times it does feel like God is distant. Remember, that you also make your own choices; as you do have a free will. God will never force Himself or His ways on us.  Sometimes He is just quiet because He is waiting for you. He will gently and lovingly remind you what you need to remember.  Each time you call on His name, He shows up immediately! You know why? It is because He is right beside you all the time with His presence surrounding you.

Definition of Habitation:  

  • The state or process of living in a particular place.
  • A place in which to live; a house or a home.

Definition of Dwelling:

  • A dwelling is a self-contained unit of accommodation used by one or more households as a home.  (Such as a house, apartment, mobile home, houseboat, vehicle, or other “substantial” structure”)

The spirit of God dwells inside of you.  You are a habitation for the spirit of God!  No need to invite God in your midst.  He IS in your midst already.  You do what He asks of you and He will take care of the rest.  Walk in the “KNOWING” that God is with you and that when you do your part, He will go forth and do the rest for sure.   It’s not you that controls the outcome.  It’s God that is in control of every aspect of your life.  Walk in the KNOWING that He really is there.  Believe the words that you read in the Bible.  For when you truly believe it, the fruits of it will show in your life through the way you talk, walk, and think.

Present time:
Now, when I go to pray, I sit knowing God is already around me and present. I simply thank Him for His presence, ask Him to increase His presence, ask Him to meet us at our needs, and come into agreement with His plan for that time.

You are the habitation of God!


Questions to ask yourself:
Do you believe that the Spirit of God actually lives in you?
Do you believe the things that you “know” about God?
Do you believe the words that you read in the Bible?
Is there anything that has caused an open door to doubt God?

Take these questions and spend time with God. As an extra exercise, write down everything you “know” about God and what He says. Allow Him to shine His light in any areas that need to be fine tuned in you. Situations and circumstances in your life that come up can cause doubt. Doubt is an open door to the spirit of fear. Let God give you any clarity and revelations that you need. Then you can work on them with Gods help and with those that God has given to you in your life to guide you.

Prayer you can pray:
”God I thank you for everything you have done, are doing and will be doing in my life. I thank you for your presence that always surrounds me. God I ask that you give me eyes to see if I have any doubt of what your Word says. Show me so that I can be set free for your glory. God I ask you to give me the divine insight, wisdom and Heavenly strategies that you know I need. In Jesus name, Amen.”

All the praise, honor, and glory be unto our living God alone! Be blessed abundantly!


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