About Dr. Adil Amin (Pakistan Ministry)

This is Dr. Adil Amin.  He is the pastor for the “Rooh Ki Baarish” Pakistan ministry through whom God has been delivering fresh manna from Heaven in the monthly services.

It was in 1981 that he came to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and savior of his life.  At this time, he was also water baptized by the FGA Church in Hyderabad, Pakistan.  During his early school days, he assisted the Sunday school teachers with English to Urdu translation.  After observing this gift, these teachers told him that this translation work was his central calling.

Dr. Adil Amin was a part of the church choir for about 25 years.  He played the instruments called “tabla” (a type of drums) and the “harmonium” (a small keyboard instrument).

God has used him to work with and raise up the young people, fulfilling the command of “The Great Commission”.  Many of them are now ministering God’s work in different countries of the world.  Each year God gave him new families to minister to.  He taught them God’s true and eternal Word with a very sincere, willing spirit.

At the age of 26, he was married to Rita Amin, who was raised in a Catholic family.  After starting her journey with Dr. Adil Amin, God aligned their beliefs to one mind and one accord, according to the written Word of God.

Currently, he does regular work to translate many Christian books from English to Urdu.  So far, he has translated a total of 318 books, including 48 books for ICI (Independent Correspondent Institute) who are located in Irving Texas, USA.  For Awana International (Pakistan Branch), he has translated approximately 30 books and other types of material.  Also, 120 different books and booklets from Korean Churches.  He has also had the opportunity to translate books for individual writers and authors from different parts of the world.

He also did translation work for Four Square Church. (Pastor Haroon Bhatti handles this work in Pakistan)  Also, for 6 years, Dr. Adil Amin worked with the Language Project of the Church in Pakistan (LPCP) and did a large amount of script writing and calligraphy during his affiliation with LPCP.  For a year an a half, he also worked with British Deputy High Commision in Clifton, Karachi.  Dr. Adil Amin is also an international winning Urdu Poet.

After completing his Masters in Theology and before completing his Doctors in Theology, he wrote a book called “Rooh-ul-Quds Azal se Abad Tak”, with the help of the Holy Spirit.  This book is now being taught in different bible colleges in Pakistan.

After being married, he left the city of Hyderabad and moved to Lahore where he started Wednesday healing services with Naulakha Church.  He also started Thursday healing services with St. Andrews Church in Lahore.

For him to start a fourth decade in services for the Lord Jesus Christ has been and is and awesome experience of his life.

In addition to being a poet, writer, doctor, pastor and translator, he is also a Bible teacher and theological assistance for NCCP Lahore, Pakistan.

Wherever he is called and wherever the Lord our God sends him for the work of the Kingdom of Heaven, He is always open and available.