About RKB

Rooh Ki Baarish is a sister ministry to Daughters of Zion.

Monthly services are held in Pakistan every second Sunday @ 2pm. You can view live streams and learn more about the vision on the Rooh Ki Baarish Facebook page.

In the year 2006, when Sanjna visited Pakistan, God gave her a very heavy burden for that nation.  Together with her husband, they purchased some land there.  She immediately sensed and knew that it was for a purpose from God; which He had not revealed yet.  Though at that time and for many years she did not understand the depths and details of that God-given burden, she prayed over the years simply, “God I stand in agreement with your will to be done with the land you have allowed us to purchase.  All I know is that you have a reason and purpose for it and I stand alongside it.  Let it come to pass as you desire.”

Now many years later, on that land is a house that the Lord himself calls His Tabernacle, which is hosting monthly services.  There was much resistance from the enemy over the years in order to get the vision of God for that Tabernacle moving.  Yet through it all, God has shown Himself to be beyond faithful to the promises He has spoken over the years.

Through fasting and praying with a team and remaining determined and faithful to what God has called, the promises of God for the Tabernacle, also referred to as the House of Prayer, is now flourishing.

The God-given mandate for this ministry is to guide, empower, and equip Christian families and individuals to re-prioritize their daily living according to the Word of God so they can walk right into restoration, re-alignment, and true freedom from all bondages currently holding them captive.

We allow the Holy Spirit the full freedom to move as He desires in order for the Kingdom of Heaven’s Agenda to flow and not our own.

This nation is very near and dear to the Heavenly Fathers heart, as it is a sheep nation.

We give all the praise, honor, and glory to our living God alone!  Thank you, Jesus!