About Silver Lining Ministries

Welcome to Silver Lining Ministries!

This ministry was called into existence by God in 2013.  Originally, the instructions given by the Holy Spirit was to host a weekly women’s bible study and prayer gathering in a home setting, called the Daughters of Zion.   In 2015, God called to start an annual women’s “Unite &  Ignite”  Prophetic Women’s Gathering.

Over time and through experience this ministry has flourished to helping not only the women in the body of Christ but also the body of Christ in general as God desires.

Our mission from God is to help reveal the veil of deceit that the enemy has placed upon the body of Christ.  This veil has caused an illusion of the true identity of Christ that we have.  The enemy has prevented the individuals in the body of Christ from being able to recognize who they really are and what their true purpose is.  It is because of this that many in the Body of Christ do not realize the authority we have from the Kingdom of Heaven.  By creating this illusion, Satan has tried hard to prevent the members of the Body of Christ from having a disciplined Christian lifestyle according to the written word of God.

Aside from leading people to salvation through Jesus Christ, this ministry helps the Body of Christ re-prioritize their daily living in order to bring restoration, re-alignment, and true freedom.

We help guide & equip by posting encouraging words, prophetic words and prayers on our website and social media platforms, which are released by and through the Holy Spirit.   Not only this, but Silver Lining Ministries also offers Christian Life Coaching not only to help reach your goals to re-prioritize your daily living but to also help individuals in the Body of Christ reach goals to remove the distractions in life so that they can recognize their calling and walk into their called purpose.

Silver Lining Ministries is not only here to help you recognize your true identity but also to help you identify and walk in it.