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The Whirlwind of God & The Tide of Glory

Several years ago, I had a vision of a gigantic whirlwind of God. As this whirlwind moved inch by inch, it broke the concrete on the ground while suddenly sucking into it certain people from the Body of Christ. Inside the whirlwind I could see pearls, diamonds, gold coins, and jewels along with the people that God brought into it. It felt like provision and promises as well as rewards of those who have obeyed God that will move on to their promised land.

Then God showed me the people that were outside looking at this giant whirlwind. People who saw this screamed off the top of their lungs in terror because of the reverent fear of God they felt. It didn’t matter if it was a believer or not they knew it was God and His doing. I could sense those that wouldn’t be taken into that whirlwind, those that have rejected, resisted or even mocked God and His ways were going to reap what they have sown in the form of consequences of their choices. Those that obeyed God are going to receive the fruits of their obedience suddenly.

This whirlwind is a move of God for all to see; which connects with the shaking, at a different level, that is now going to happen. God is about to release His whirlwind and allow a shaking at the same time and will accomplish many things through it.

What God has been speaking right now (brief highlights):

  1. Everyone will reap what they have sown.
  2. Do not be surprised of another level of shaking. It is needed to bring things back into God’s order.
  3. During this next level of shaking, He will expose all intentions and motives of people clearly for all to see; specifically leaders of all sorts and those who are trying to be hidden and doing hidden works.
  4. Then He will remove people from certain positions and replace them with those that God Himself has handed the Keys Of David (Governmental Authority) to. It’s time for Isaiah 22:15-25.
  5. Those that are called to speak will have the boldness, courage and roar of the Lion of Judah; they will not be able to contain it and have been prepared for it.
  6. Those who are called to “arise and shine” this hour, look different and flow according to how God wants to move this hour.
  7. In order for God to clean up the house, new Kingdom strategies must be implemented and the old ones haven’t been and won’t continue to work. The old wine and old oil flow is gone and the new has come.
  8. The Body of Christ needs to respond by uniting; they will “Unite & Ignite”
  9. The remnant are a whole different rank in Gods army; will the church recognize it or reject it?

The Vision of “The Tide of Glory”

In January 2016, I saw a vision of the West Coast of the United States of America. Along the entire West Coast (Washington, Oregon, & California) was a tide that came in from the ocean. It did not wash up the shore. Instead, it was as if the tide came in and stopped right along the line of sand along the entire coastline. That wave was so pure white and rolled up, as if waiting for it’s time of release. From inside of it, there was a golden glow brightly radiating through it; which was the glory of God! Then I heard CLEARLY, “I am about to sweep across this nation.”

In February 2016, during one of the prayer gatherings that I hosted in my home, I saw this vision again. It was as if God was saying, “It’s time of release wasn’t here just yet, but soon.” This time I also saw behind the rolled up tide, hovering above the ocean, the entire Kingdom of Heaven just patiently waiting for God to say “go”.

What do I Sense Through the Holy Spirit (briefly):

The time for all of this is now at hand. Do not be surprised by another level of shaking. Just like the process you and I go through to clean out a room and put it back in a new order is what God has been doing across the Earth. He has been doing this at both a personal and corporate level. The revivals have been happening personally and is about to happen corporately across the Earth. It will start at West Coast, sweep across this nation and then into the nations.

Oh Bride of Christ, how God yearns for you! Pay attention and ask God for eyes to see with! The way God is about to move is so different! Oh Bride of Christ, I pray you have Elohim’s eyes to see with and His understanding.

These are exiting times to live in. Stay close to God, stand ready by keeping yourself filled with Him and His word, and be postured with thankfulness and praise! Be blessed abundantly!

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