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Pioneers, Frontiers, & Samuels (End-Time Warriors)

A New Dawn

This morning at 7:35am, the Holy Spirit led me to go on a “prayer drive” through the city I live in.  I was decreeing, declaring, and prophesying with what the Holy Spirit was putting in my mouth.  As I was doing this, a semi-truck comes by and on it was written “DAWN” in large letters with a partial sun on it.   Then I heard loud and clear, “A new dawn is here.”  I pondered that for a moment and then I heard, “A new dawn is upon this Earth and upon my people.”  Towards the end of the amazingly powerful “prayer drive” this morning,  I saw the truck again!!!  Get ready!


What is a Forerunner and a Pioneer in the Body of Christ?

God is about to show up powerfully in the lives of His people, upon this Earth, and through the “Pioneers and Forerunners” in the Body of Christ who were pre-qualified, pre-ordained, pre-appointed as end time warriors for a time such as this!  Be extremely sensitive to this time right now.  God had me release details about this in my last post to “Pioneers and Forerunners.”

All through this week, as I have been yielding in Gods presence, it’s as if I hear the voices of some in the Body of Christ asking the question, “What is a Pioneer and a Forerunner?  What does that mean?”  Let’s start by looking up the definitions:

    • A person who is among the first to research and develop a new area of knowledge or activity
    • A member of an infantry group preparing roads and terrain for the main body of troops.
    • A person who is among the first to explore or settle a new country or area.
    • Settler, colonist, frontiersman, frontierswoman, explorer, trailblazer.
    • Synonyms: developer, innovator, trailblazer, spearhead, founder, architect, creator (groundbreaker)
  2. Frontiersman/Frontierswoman
    • A man or a woman living in the region of a frontier, especially that between settled and unsettled country.
    • A line or border separating two countries
    • The extreme limit of settled land beyond which lies wilderness
    • The extreme limit of understanding or achievement in a particular area.
    • Synonyms: border, boundary, borderline, a dividing line

As a “pioneer” you carry something new and unique from the Kingdom of Heaven that has never been introduced before.  During your life, this position required your obstacle course for training to be extremely intense.  This process not only paved a path where there never was one, but also enduring through the obstacle course prepared the roads and terrain for the soldiers.    You are definitely a person who was among the first to explore the unique revelations for the purpose of your assignment.   You as a pioneer are also a frontiersman/frontierswoman which means you live in the region of a frontier(s).

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a frontier is also a border between what is known and what is not known.  You are literally positioned between that which is known and unknown!  You have extreme knowledge and/or achievement for your unique assignment from Heaven.  You are positioned at the border where the soldiers are not.  Just like in the army, the people positioned at the borders to patrol have special knowledge that the others do not have.   You have that special knowledge and are positioned to not only protect but also act on behalf of the Body of Christ!  Your obstacle course for training was also intense to prepare you for this time.

Pioneers and Forerunners in the Body of Christ are positioned in the forefront of the soldiers.  They are similar.  Many of these ones are prophetic intercessors.  You get to feel everything in the spiritual atmosphere first and the reason is so you can pray and intercede to protect the soldiers.  It is crucial that you act in a timely manner through the guidance of the Holy Spirit!  You have the power and authority to bring to a halt any onslaught of the enemy over the Body of Christ.  You have the privilege to sense it and deal with it ahead of time or right at the perfect time.

Your lives have been difficult and at many times you have felt lonely and/or misunderstood.  You are about to look back and  say, “It was worth it!”  You are awaiting your promises to come to pass.  You looked back 6 times and didn’t see anytime but this time when you look back you will see the cloud, the size of a mans hand, and through it you will SEE THE RAIN! (1 Kings 18)  Be encouraged because God timing is the perfect timing!  Never too early or too late!

The 4th Call to the Samuels

Hannah had taken Samuel, at Gods appointed time, to the tabernacle to be with the Lord permanently under the care of Eli.  Again, at Gods appointed times, God started to call out to Samuel.  The first 3 times that the Lord called out to Samuel, he didn’t recognize Gods voice.  He went to Eli each time and said, “Here I am, you called me.”  He was going through a process of learning to hear and recognize Gods voice.  Then when God called him for the 4th time, he replied, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening.”

God is calling out to His Samuels at this time and now you KNOW His voice.   Be cautious about HOW you respond back to the Lord.  This time go back and confidently say, “Speak Lord, I am listening” and then wait upon Him and He will speak back to you.  Write down everything He tells you. (Read 1 Samuel 1-3)

Pioneers, Forerunners, and Samuels this is the time to slow down, yield to God, be open to the Spirit of God and listen.   This is a time to use Gods wisdom & discernment in all steps.  Be encouraged.  You are completely and uniquely set apart for a reason!  You were made for a time such as this, for this NEW ERA! Whoever has ears, let them hear!

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