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What Is a Devouring Fire?

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 prayer meeting:

God is on a mighty move this month!  The presence of God in this particular prayer meeting was extremely intense.  We were hit with God’s “devouring” fire!  I had also experienced this during Sundays church service, on May 29.

One of the definitions of “DEVOUR” is:  To Consume destructively.  The synonyms to “devour” are: consume, engulf, envelop, destroy, demolish, etc.  Sounds a bit intense right?  When God sends His devouring fire, it WILL most definitely consume, destroy, demolish ALL things that are not of God.  As long as you chose to surrender it and allow God to do it.

As always, I anointed each one of us and the room, turned on the worship music and we sat down to simply worship our wonderful Lord Jesus.  After several minutes, I saw in the spirit a large furnace in front of us (where my fireplace is) and from it was coming large flames of fire in full force.  All of us ladies in the room, could physically feel the heat coming out of it.  Not too long after, I clearly heard “attitudes”.  I could sense that we all needed to surrender any bad attitudes that we have had towards the family we live with at home, to others around us, and towards God Himself.

Ouch!  It does hurt when God brings things to the surface.  For no discipline seems pleasant at the time anyways but God does discipline those that He loves!  Hebrews 12:11 says, “11 No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.”  So, if God does point things out to deal with it, know that HE LOVES YOU!

During this time in the devouring fire, God spoke clearly.  He said many things but am feeling led to share this:  “whatever direction I give you, just trust me and obey.  I will not always answer and tell you why you need to do it.  You need to just do it knowing that it is what is best for you.  Obey.  The time is NOW to stand in your positions that are given to you.”

Almost every time the situation looks like this:  You pray and ask God to help you and to give you clear direction.  Also, you ask Him to cleanse and purify you to make you as Holy and pleasing to His eyes as He wants so that He can use you more.  Then when God deals with things in your heart you get in the mode of saying “what is going on Lord? why is this happening? why me God?  Why do you want me to do this? etc.”  The list goes on and on.  Eventually, instead of praying we are complaining to God instead.  You need to remember that when God uses us, things pour out from us.  If you have impurities in you, it gets in the way.  How can purity flow out with impurities still there?  When He points thing out to you, don’t resist it immediately.  Stop blaming Satan for every little thing.  A cleansing is not fun because it really hurts the moment you realize the stuff you have been doing that God does not like.  It is a process that MUST happen and is so worth it!  You really do feel dishwasher clean after a devouring fire of God comes to cleanse you!  Read Zechariah 13 and look up the process of refining gold.

After last Sunday at church and the prayer meeting, we do NOT feel the same!  We feel clean!  Let GO and Let GOD take over and you can be set free too!

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