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Gods Army Vision (Urgent)

Yesterday, Sunday November 6, 2016, right when the worship music started at church the power of God immediately increased around me.  The Holy Spirit told me to go right up to the altar area.  After a couple minutes, Holy Spirit told me to get on my knees and so I did.

Almost immediately I started hearing the marching of an army.  I heard it for a good few minutes.  I asked, “God, I know I am hearing an army but who’s army?  What is this about?” and I clearly heard back, “This is the sound of my army.”

Then this is what I saw:

I saw some clouds up in the sky and there was an opening.  Through that opening were two sets of stairs; coming down and then going to the right.  On those stairs was a long line of the Army of God, marching down in two rows.  Every single one of them (men, women, and children) were wearing formal khaki colored uniforms with formal matching caps.  Each uniform had black and gold patches on the shoulders. He allowed me to watch all this for a few minutes to look around that place and see every detail.  Then I heard, “This is my army, the ones who say they have given me their all.”   God started showing me one by one every single person in the Body of Christ that I know as well as women that He has ministered to through me (even if I only saw them once).  He showed me what choices they made.

If they were in Gods Army because they made the choice to commit to Him, I saw them all close up and clearly.  If they thought they were in the line, but were not, I saw them close up and clearly.  If they were still deciding, thinking about it, and confused, I saw them close up and clearly.  There is a leader I know, and they were in the line, but was fallen on the ground with the look of the high reverent fear of God on their face with their eyes wide open.  Then I heard, “I am showing you where each of them are right now.”

God then said, “there are people in the Body of Christ that have been believers for 25-30 years and they do not follow me the way they should.  I am about to raise up younger ones and they will be more fervent then those who have been believers for all their life.  The thing is, for those that have followed me all their life, it has just become something they have to do (what He allowed me to feel was that those ones have become numb and weary).” [because these ones became numb and weary, this choice has allowed them to fall back into the flow of the world and give Satan a foothold and these ones were not in the line of Gods Army of the fully committed ones]  He also said, “there are those who just come into church and just want to feel good. (these are the people who show to the church that they are Christian and following Christ, but the moment they walk out the door, they are back to their old self.)

The next thing I saw was even more intense.  Suddenly out of the sky, I saw Gods red devouring fire come out of His hands and thrust onto the line of Gods Army.  It immediately consumed them all 100% at the same time.  Now these are the ones that said they fully committed themselves to God.  As soon as this fire devoured Gods Army, the ones that were not really committed at this time flew out of the line!  As if they were spit out of the line. All this happened very quickly.

Then again suddenly out of the sky, I saw Gods blue (Heavenly blue, cannot really describe) fire (it was cloud type in looks) and thrust onto the line of Gods Army.  This too immediately consumed them all 100% at the same time.  This time no one was kicked out of Gods Army.

After I saw this, I immediately knew that the first round of devouring red fire was about this time last year when the Body Of Christ went through a season of cleansing.  The second time with the blue fire is now, a season of “PURGING”.

This vision was very difficult to watch.  I cried and cried because this is all within the BODY OF CHRIST and I could feel our Father in Heavens heart!  God is cleansing and purging because He is up to something.  He is about to out-pour something.  In order to do it, He needs to achieve a particular level of purity and holiness that He desires.  For this, we have to go through the refiners fire.  You are a part of the BODY OF CHRIST for a reason.  No matter what your giftings are that the Holy Spirit chose to give you, it is crucial.  It is called BODY of Christ because we are all one and united.  Each body part is important.  If a finger decides to say, “nah, I don’t want to do this.”  You know what He can do?  God will re-assign your task because He NEEDS the ENTIRE Body to function healthy in order to flow properly.

It took me a while to realize why He said, “I am showing you where each of them are right now.”  It is because they still have a chance to make the choice to be in the Army of God.  It was so awesome that this vision was lined up with the Word of God that we heard yesterday.  This message on Sunday spoke of how our disobedience can affect us negatively and obedience can affect us positively.

Do you know where you stand in your walk with God?  Where do you fit into the above mentioned scenarios?  Do you know for fact you are committed 100% to Christ?  If God requires you to do anything at all (small or big) and you do not do it, it is simply disobedience to God.  If you disobey Him, it is imperative that you go in the presence of our Heavenly Father and REPENT.  Once you repent, He washes you clean.  Then your job is to do your very best not to do it again.  To repent is to turn away from sin.  If you disobey again, then you need to repent of it again.

God is searching across His body for the ones with the Heart of Our Father.  Time to stop playing games with God.  This is serious.  God takes this seriously.  Worshiping in the presence of our living God, King of Kings over all the ends of this Earth, just to feel good is not okay.  The Words He speaks to you is not to be taken lightly to listen to and to just feel good.  We need to apply it in our lives.  His word is living and sharper than any two edged sword.  It is time to get back into reading the Bible and Praying DAILY and as led by the Holy Spirit…but not as some chore you have to check off your checklist.  Reading the Bible and Praying should come just as naturally to a Christian just like eating food when hungry or like breathing.  You don’t even have to think twice to do those things.  Have you really given your heart, mind, and soul fully to the control of Christ?

It is time to pick up the cross daily.

Matthew 22:37 “Jesus replied, “‘You must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.'”

All the glory be unto our God alone, I am only a willing vessel.  Thank you for O God, you are Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Rapha, Jehovah Nissi, THE Great I AM, Prince of Peace, King of Kings over all the ends of this Earth, Elohim, Yahweh, Jesus!!  Your will come to completion with this Word you have released from the Heavens.


Thank You Heavenly Father for this Word from you.  I pray that the Body of Christ heeds to your messages and warnings.  Open up the mind and heart of the entire Body of Christ.  This child of God reading right now, I cover them with the living blood of Jesus from the tops of their heads to the souls of their feet.  I break off every single distraction surrounding them from hearing you right NOW in Jesus name!  Holy Spirit I pray for heavy conviction where it is needed right NOW, In Jesus name.  Holy Spirit stir in the body of Christ even more!  Speak to this child of God what you know he/she needs.  Holy Spirit release the strength, boldness, courage, wisdom, strength, revelations, clarity this child of God needs from the Heavens right now in Jesus name!  Release your peace that surpasses all understanding that WILL guard this child of Gods heart and mind in Jesus name!  I take authority over the works of the spirit of Fear in this child of Gods life that has come in many different ways and forms and I bind it with the cord of the Holy Spirit NOW!  For you have not given this child of God a spirit of fear but rather of love power and sound mind!  I pray that you remove any worldly and ungodly veil that covers this child of Gods mind in Jesus name.  I pray that they will be sensitive to hearing your voice more clear than ever before.  I pray that this child of God is careful with what they watch, read, look at with their eyes.  I pray that this child of God is careful as to the places that they go to.  I pray that this child of God will think before they speak.  I pray that when this child of God prays, they pray from a heart of thankfulness and praise to you instead of through any anger/bitterness. I pray all this because the Holy Spirit lives in them!!!  Their bodies are a Holy Temple and I pray they are sensitive to this fact and that they were bought with a price.   I call forth your will and only your will for this child of God.  I ask you O God to intercept the entire Body of Christ!  I pray this child of God will not miss out on what you are doing right now and that they choose to receive from you what you are releasing in power for this hour! Thank you O God for the work on the cross!  Thank you for all you have done and are doing and will be doing!  I seal this prayer in the name and blood of Jesus.  God, because you are faithful, I pray this prayer is received in the name of Jesus.  Amen.

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