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The Fog Is Lifting

As I was on a drive this morning, I saw fog in most places.  Holy Spirit instructed me to go drive through a specific park that was by a beach.  I slowed down, as I felt led to, and looked out into the waters.  It was indeed foggy over the waters.  God spoke and said, “You see how there is limited vision of the waters because of the fog?”  I replied, “Yes God, I see it.”  Then I heard, “I am about to lift the fog so you can see the entirety of the vision.”

As God was speaking to me, I also got a sense of how you His people, that are chosen for this time and called to emerge, have been moving step by step in limited vision, for a reason, in the specific steps you were directed to obey.  It was felt like you have been walking on one stepping stone and onto the other for a while now.  Each step has been crucial and vital for the next, even though it didn’t seem like it in the natural.

As He spoke about lifting the fog, I sensed that it was now time for Him to reveal more of the bigger picture of what you are called to. It feels like He is about to reveal to you the greater reality of your purpose. He is about to connect all the puzzle pieces that He gave His people to build with.  He is about to release greater clarity and the divine insights that we have been patiently waiting for.

I drove out of that area and on my way home, it happened again.  I saw fog over an area and I sensed the same things again.  Then I heard again, “I am about to lift the fog off my people.”  He is about to lift the fog that has been on His people so that they can walk in greater clarity.  God has been in control regardless of what you have gone through and now it is His perfect time to lift that fog.  He will lift that fog at this time because now you are prepared to be able to handle what He is about to show you.  It’s greater than you.  God will send the help that you need to carry out what you have been called to carry in this hour.

You were prepared underground, in the dark, just as a seed is planted and sprouts its root.  Once it is well-rooted, then it springs forth breaking through the dirt to see the first light.  As the sprout comes forth “breaking through” the ground, it had no idea before that how much expanse of territory it was about to sprout into.

Be encouraged.  You have obeyed God’s every instruction step by step, regardless if you understood it or not, regardless of what those around you have said, and because you fully trusted God.  It is because you obeyed Him that now He will now expand your territory.  The fog will now lift.  Get ready, your time is here now.

Arise, Jerusalem! Let your light shine for all to see.
    For the glory of the Lord rises to shine on you.
Darkness as black as night covers all the nations of the earth,
    but the glory of the Lord rises and appears over you.
All nations will come to your light;
    mighty kings will come to see your radiance.”
-Isaiah 60:1-3 (NLT)

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