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Emerging Ones, Arise!

In my time with God Monday morning, He gave me two scriptures and I have been just waiting on God to speak more.  The date was 11/11 on that day and then came Tuesday, 11/12.

 It was by faith that even Sarah was able to have a child,
though she was barren and was too old.
She believed that God would keep his promise.

-Hebrews 11:11 (NLT)

11 Rather, the land you will soon take over
is a land of hills and valleys with plenty of rain—

12 a land that the Lord your God cares for.
He watches over it through each season of the year!”
-Deuteronomy 11:11-12 (NLT)


The Body of Christ is at a major threshold.  It’s a transition of going from one place to another.  Many of you have been contending at the gates of Heaven for many things through your wilderness season and beyond.  For many of you, the promises have not physically manifested just yet.  Though you chose to hang on because you know that God is faithful and you put in your all to trust His timing.  You did this because you know that everything He sends forth, does not return to Him void (Isaiah 55), you know that His ways and thoughts are higher than yours, and you know that His timing is the best timing for all things regardless of the intensity of what you have had to face.  You knew through thick and thin and even through all the pain that God was doing something with it.  You didn’t always know why but you trusted God with it and by His spirit you made it through each time.

Through all the situations and circumstances you have been through, both positive and negative, God was strengthening, shaping, forming, and preparing you.  Yes, the enemy came in every once in a while and give you a punch so hard, yet you still went back to God and by His spirit, you got back up again.  You made it through.  Even those times made you stronger than you were before.  You have been going through your obstacle course to be prepared and released in a time such as this.

Emerging ones, His pioneers, His “Pure Ones” as He calls you, your time is right before your eyes.  Life was difficult and many around you did not understand you.  This is why you felt so lonely at times, yet you were and still are so close to God.  He is the one you needed and still need.  Remain in Him and He will remain in you, for apart from Him you can do nothing (John 15:4-7).

Emerging ones, the reason why it was such an intense obstacle course for you is as follows:  First, you are a lineage shifter sent by God into your family.  Your life has been causing a Kingdom Alliance DNA Paradigm Shift in your lineage.  Every time you chose God, you chose God for your lineage.  Every time you had a breakthrough, it broke that thing out of your lineage.  Like Gideon, you were called to prepare an altar for the true living God in your life first and then destroy the altars of other Gods that were placed by your forefathers in your lineage.

Secondly, you “Pure Ones” about to emerge, were strategically sent to help “Prepare the Bride of Christ”, the church.  Through your process, you have become a pure vessel aligned to the exact frequency of the Father’s Heart.  You have become a willing obedient vessel that will not compromise the ways and will of God in any way because you walk in high reverent fear of the Most High God Elohim, I AM.  You were sent, “Pure Ones” about to emerge, to reveal the lies and veils that Satan has placed upon the Church, the Body of Christ, upon God’s Beloved Bride.  You were sent “Pure Ones” about to emerge, to make the crooked places straight through the love of Christ, yet with the boldness and roar of the Lion of Judah, and with the full authority of God.

You know who you are.  Be encouraged “Pure Ones” about to emerge, you were made for such a time as this.  You have become completely fearless of what man might say and you have become a pure, Holy, willing, righteous in God’s eyes, obedient, Forerunner Pioneer that will release a trailblazing fire behind you as you advance forward.

You are a mighty army, chosen for a time such as this.  You are the key for the church to awaken.  You are a flame that will start the fires of revival to the places you are called to.  Your continued obedience from here on out will cause a ripple effect. You hung on to the thread on the hem of Garment, with all that you had left in you and this was the best place to be.  You chose to remain with God and didn’t let Him go.

The sudden intensity that has surrounded you, that seems like chaos, is the pressure from now walking through the pressure of the threshold into the new place, the promised land.  You are about to enter a time now where you will find rest and ease, as well as receiving the promises that God has for you.  Be positioned correctly, in full humility before God, to receive all that will now be released to you through the wind of His glory.

Arise, “Pure Ones”, in full confidence. Shake off that dust for now all your ashes will be turned into beauty and your mourning will turn into joy.  You are like a tree planted by the streams who bear fruit in its due time.  It’s time “Pure Ones”, for you to harvest the fruits of all that you have sown into the Kingdom of Heaven (Psalm 1).

Great job!  You got this and God’s got you!  It’s now time to go be all that God created you to be.  Just be you.

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  • Chris Sack

    Just want to thank you for posting this powerful word. I have been praying and commanding the “Holy Ones” to come forth (Ps 110) for several years now. When I awoke this morning I heard, “Today is just the beginning.” Praise the Lord! The church is at the precipice of repentance and re-alignment to true devotion to the Father. Praise the Lord!

    Be immeasurably blessed, Sanjna, just as you have blessed us with His word.

    He is beautiful.

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