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Keys of David Being Released!

Today is 12/22/2018 and it has 4 number 2’s in the date.  The Holy Spirit immediately said, Isaiah 22:22.

” 22  I will give him the key to the house of David
—the highest position in the royal court.
When he opens doors, no one will
be able to close them; when he closes doors,
no one will be able to open them.
-Isaiah 22:22 (NLT)

Exposing the Unrighteous (Please Read Isaiah 22:1-19):

We have been in a season where God will expose and bring down the leaders that have not obeyed God in all their ways.  He has been and still is exposing those that are not righteous.  These ones say they are and think that they are but have been deceived because of the veil of deception placed upon their hearts and minds due to the wrong motives.  It is because of this that many of Gods sheep have been lead astray without realization from both ends…from the perspective of the people and the leaders.  He is about to deal with them.

He is about to pull these ones down and bring forth His chosen righteous who have clothed themselves with humility and obedience to God through it all.  They will be the ones that many have spoken against and misunderstood.  They will be ones that most people around them least expected to rise up.  They will be the ones that when God moves them to be seen, people will see that our Almighty Elohim is indeed with them and was with them all along!


Bringing Forth the Righteous (Please Read Isaiah 22:20-25):

God is about to shine is light so bright that every motive, the good and the bad, will be clear for ALL to see.  God is about to show up in power.  We are in a divine prophetic momentum that is about to hit a major acceleration.  Body of Christ, be careful on HOW you respond to God right now.  It is a time to be extremely cautious with each step.  Prioritize and be extremely intentional in spending extra time with God, especially in the secret place.

It’s a time to ask ask ask!  The word says we do not have because we do not ask and when we do we ask in wrong motives (read James 4:2-3)!  Let 2019 be a year of ASKING!  Let it be a year of moving in HIS discernment and HIS wisdom more than ever before. Again I say, do not forsake the secret place, for it is there that He will reveal to you the hidden things.  Daniel 2:22 says, “He reveals deep and mysterious things and knows what lies hidden in darkness, though he is surrounded by light.

“20 He said,

“Praise the name of God forever and ever,
    for he has all wisdom and power.
21 He controls the course of world events;
    he removes kings and sets up other kings.
He gives wisdom to the wise
    and knowledge to the scholars.
22 He reveals deep and mysterious things
    and knows what lies hidden in darkness,
    though he is surrounded by light.
23 I thank and praise you, God of my ancestors,
    for you have given me wisdom and strength.
You have told me what we asked of you
    and revealed to us what the king demanded.”
-Daniel 2:20-23 (NLT)

Those who have been hidden are in a transition to now come out from hiding. The time it took to shape you and form you was long and painful but it was training for the position that was assigned to you before you were placed in your mother’s womb.  You were in an obstacle course all along.   Everything you have ever been through was not in vain!  All of those difficult situations and circumstances paved a way where there never was a way for those who are about to follow right behind you.  You are about to look back and say, “It was worth it.”

Not only was the last 11 years extremely difficult you, but even more so was the latter part which was the last 6 1/2 years.  This was necessary to finish off your training, as it is now time for your purpose and destiny.  You looked back 6 times and saw nothing and became discouraged in the waiting.   You are going to look back the 7th time and this time you will see a cloud the size of a mans hand and it WILL begin to rain (1 Kings 18)!!!  I decree, declare and prophesy of you that you will look back the 7th time and it will begin to rain NOW, in Jesus name!

At this time, you are in the stages of the final touches being put on you right now!  The stage that purifies the oil that has been created from all the pressing and the crushing.  These are the “Forerunners” and “Pioneers” (trailblazers & fire starters) that are literally positioned at the forefront of the entire Body of Christ.  These are the PURE ONES that will now EMERGE.  It’s your time.

Everything you went through, was training your hands for war and fingers for battle (Psalm 144).  You have learned a great deal through one-on-one training.  God was with you all along and always will be.

The Kingdom Alliance DNA Paradigm Shift begins NOW!  Elohim be glorified!  Thank you Jesus for your grace through the process that has been upon those that are called this hour! I decree, declare, and prophesy that the forerunners and pioneers of this hour will succeed in there already established Heaven given mandate, assignment, destiny, and purpose in Jesus name NOW!

I highly encourage you to read Isaiah 22 today and let the Holy Spirit take you deeper into this NOW word.  God bless you.

All the glory alone to our living God.  Thank You, Jesus.

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