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In the Fire of Re-Assesment

In this season, you have headed into another level of shaking in your life. You are being tested in the fire. You feel like you cannot wait any longer and it feels like such a long delay. Let me remind you that what looks like delay is not denial. First, you are in a waiting room and it’s challenging for you to just wait and be still when your flesh wants to be doing something. Secondly, the place that God is wanting to send you to is being prepared. Thirdly, while you are in the waiting room, you are being given opportunity to mature and grow in certain areas.

Pay attention! God is moving but it does not look how you thought it would. Be thankful that God does not give you anything you want before you are actually ready for it. God sees what you cannot see. In your flesh, you may feel like you are ready even when you are not. You are being seasoned through all the situations and circumstances you have been through. Do not get frustrated just because your current situation has not changed. God is using that to change you and form you further. 

How are you choosing to behave and handle this current situation(s) and circumstance? How does God say He wants you to handle this situation(s) or circumstance(s)? If you have been living in daily frustration because your situation(s) and circumstances(s) have not changed, ask God if there is anything He is trying to teach you through it. Ask God to give you His perspective. Specifically ask God, “what is this season suppose to look like for me?” Once you gain His perspective, then you can let go of your expectations that did not align with what He said it would look like.

There are areas in your life that need to be faced and worked on because certain things will be a hinderance to what God is leading you into. Be patient with your process and give yourself grace. A reminder for you that anytime you let go of something, it makes room for the new that God wants to fill you with. This has been a type of season where everything in your life has to get laid out on the table. 

You feel crushed and it feels like God isn’t doing anything. Do you trust that God and His angels are with you? Do you believe that God will never leave you nor forsake you? Do you believe that He does see everything going on? Do you believe in the promises written in the Word of God that you profess? Do you believe?

God is faithful to complete what He has begun in your life. At the same time, you also have choices to make and those choices determine the direction of your next season. Again, ask God, “What is this season suppose to look like for me God? Speak to me clearly about what you are wanting to work on in my life?”

You chose to walk the narrow path. This is great! Yet, there is a cost to that yes. In your lifetime, you will go through seasons of processes and different levels of fire that will continue to offer you the opportunities of growth. If certain things were not allowed in your life, how would you have the opportunity to mature?

God loves you and He has not forgotten you. Allow God to do what He needs to do in you. He is able to see what you cannot. No matter what you are going through, remember that you are seated in the Heavenly places. You can do this! After all, look how far you have come! Great job! Keep on going! This is not the time to throw in the towel. Remember who you truly are and don’t forget anything God has done for you! He didn’t bring you this far to let you go. Keep at it day by day and moment by moment. Be encouraged, don’t get distracted and stay close to Him!

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