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Blood Line Shifters: God’s Doing A Mighty Work & Deliverance

This time of transition has been an interesting one.  God is working on giving opportunity to close off what’s left of the old land, as well as healing and deliverance personally and in your lineage (blood line).

Pay attention to your situations and circumstances that come about.  It is not always the enemy. God does allow situations and circumstances to draw things out for you to clearly see and identify. It is vital you ask for His eyes to see and for His understanding. Gain Gods perspective on anything that you’re dealing with.  Ask God: God are you exposing something in this situation?, Is there something you want me to see?, God when you see this situation talk to me about what you see?, and ask why you are experiencing what you are. Don’t just assume from your own way of thinking. It is important for you to identify and respond to God. Your response is important.

You are crossing a threshold and a double sized one. Since you can be vulnerable in this place, guard your heart and watch your emotions. In this place of a threshold, you come face to face with things that have to go.  Many times those “waves” have a purpose but don’t dwell on them. Many times, when it’s time for certain spirits and principalities in your life to end, they just make some noise on the way out! Most times it’s so intense for a person, but do you know why? For one, it does not want to lose grip. Though, it is because you’re not the only one getting delivered.  It is your entire blood line being delivered because it ends with you mighty warrior! Your work was not in vain! You and your bloodline are getting delivered!   God is answering you right now; but you have to see it through His eyes to gain His perspective.

Ask for eyes to see because God is working in a different way: a way that is outside the thinking of your human mind.  He is working creatively! Fix your gaze on Him alone! He is roaring over you, your marriage, your family, your bloodline because this is where it ends and a new start begins!  This is where you stand: at “the” threshold to crossover to your promised land; the land of milk and honey as God promised.

God is doing a mighty work in your life personally first, in His Bride and then across the globe.  Keep your eyes locked on Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith.  Keep going because you didn’t make it this far just to quit! You’re about to see the fruits of your obedience manifest! Stay grounded in Him and don’t move from there.

”For we live by believing and not by seeing.”
-2 Corinthians 5:7


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