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A Word from God About the Generals Releasing Now

As I was just sitting today looking outside, God started speaking. I typed out word for word what I heard and here it is released:

“Now, is the time for me to release my generals forth.  They will be those that the world saw as unqualified and rejected.  The world saw them as incapable and unable…but I, YAHWEH, kept them all hidden while I shaped and formed them.  I kept them hidden to prepare them.  They were hidden for protection by my hand.  Those generals of this hour will rise up as I am releasing a sound forth to call them NOW!  The oil they carry is valuable and has been produced through all they have had to endure.  These generals have been faithful and obedient to me.  Let not anyone touch my anointed!

They will lead out assignments new to man using strategies that I give them from my Kingdom.  They are being called to usher in Kingdom strategies that are needed to solve world problems and issues.   I have shaken and have been shaking everything that is shakable so that what is unshakable will remain.  Open your eyes and see through my perspective.  Let me show you how I see everything at hand.  All things are working together for the good.  I am removing all hinderances from the lives of my people so they can go forth into all that I have called them to and promised them and their ancestors.  I am opening up doors that no man can shut in the lives of those whom I am personally calling to go forth to the forefront.  You know who you are.  It is your time NOW!  

Hang on just a few moments longer as I am literally connecting all the pieces of the path ahead of you together simultaneously.  All the resources you need to carry out what I am calling you to is on it‘s way to you at a greater capacity then you realize.  Your two hands will not be able to carry what I have in store for you.  Well done faithful servants, greater things than these you shall do!  The time for that is here, now.

Remain steady in my written Word and instructions I release to you by my hand.  Do not deter yourself to the left or right of it.  The instructions I give you will include strategies that are unique to help you carry out what you are called to.  The old ways and the ways man has been used to is not working and I am placing you generals in the midst to awaken and rise up NOW!  Hear the call!  Get in your positions now!  Stand ready and be ready!  The trumpet is about to sound! Rise up and lead out the battle!  I have heard the cries and I will answer now.”  – I AM

10/22/2021 @ 12:22pm


  • Gee

    HalleuYah Amen!
    It’s our time NOW! Father Yahweh spoke this to me and He’s been confirming it every since!
    Blessings ️❤️

  • Betty Mickles

    I Thank God for you Woman of God. Strong and mighty is our God. He blesses us through the
    Prophetic words of encouragement. Blessing’s
    To you, May the Anointing of increase rest upon
    You in every area of your life and ministry.

    Betty Mickles

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