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It’s Time to Go To Ninevah!

Are you like a Jonah called to go to Ninevah?  Have you felt beaten up by the raging storms meant to capture your attention? Has it felt so strangely quiet and different around you?  Have you found yourself in the belly of the whale in hiding?

Could it be that God, out of His love for you, chased you down to take you to back to the place God called you to initially?  Could it be that you treaded down a different path, opposite to where you were called, because you didn’t agree with it?

You didn’t agree with God’s decision but that doesn’t excuse you from obedience.  Regardless of whether you agree with God’s decision or not, you must trust God in the clear directions that He is giving to you.  You may not even agree with how God wants you to move in that direction.  You are to simply obey the direction being given to you.  God will move when you move.  Remember that His ways and His thoughts are higher than yours (Isaiah 55:8-9).  The way that He thinks and does things is beyond the comprehension of your human mind.  Your human mind wants to make sense of it, though we are called to walk by faith and not by sight.  There are times where you just have to take that step in a leap of faith knowing that God is already there before you get there.  You have to just step in full faith “knowing” that God will move when you move.

There comes a time in a parents life when their child becomes an adult they just must be let go.  It is a point in time where the parents think that this child should now know better and should be very well capable to make their own decisions by applying the wisdom given to them.  During the course of their childhood and through the love they have for the child, the parent(s) guided, nurtured, cared, and in patience repetitively reminded of all the wisdom they knew their child would need.  There were many yes’ and many no’s and through it all the child was learning.  Then the time comes when the parent(s) need to step back and let them apply what they have been taught.  During the course of the child’s life, they got use to someone being there for them to do things for a little while.  As the child grew older, the parent(s) stepped back a little at a time.  Eventually, the time comes when they have to step back all the way and just be there for them when the child needs them.

This is the same for many of us.  Right now, it may seem strange and quiet around you in the atmosphere but the reality is that God just stepped back to see what you will do.  He has told you everything you need to know.  If you need help, seek Him for the help.  For if you ask you will receive.

Make your move.  It’s your turn on the chess board.
He is waiting for you to respond.

Have you found yourself so stagnant and unable to move forward?  Could it be that you are standing in your own way and never realized it?  Take a look at how you have been doing things and how you have been responding to God over the years.  It’s time to put away the childish behaviors and attitudes and exchange it for growth and maturity.  A baby doesn’t stay a baby and a teen doesn’t stay a teen.  There are many growth spurts and growing pains but through it all the child grows.  This is another growth spurt at hand.  An opportunity for growth and maturity is here so that you can move forth in the purpose you are called to.  Do you want to grow or do you want to stay where you are?

In this time of a “divine pause for a greater cause”, learn the lessons God wants you to learn.  It’s time to close the door to the old book and start the first chapter of the new book.  Though the questions are:  Are you willing to lay down your own desires that you have been acting on and your foolish yet childish behaviors and ways?  Or do you want to continue the way you have been?  This is a serious question for you.

Many of the storms in your life are consequences of your own actions.  The choice lies in your own hands.  Either you put away the childish behaviors and your own desires so that you can grow and move in the direction God has for you or you can continue on in the way you have been and keep going in the vicious circles and cycles you have been going in.  Yes it is a season and time of breakthrough, yet the outcome will depend on how you respond to God.

You have found yourself in the belly of the whale, in a time of divine pause, so that you can see where you are.  You are in the belly of the whale, so that you can hear God clearly.  You are in the belly of the whale being given the opportunity to make a choice to launch to the place God ordained you for or not.  You must respond to God.  In this season, how you respond to God will determine the course of the next season and beyond.  Be encouraged and choose wisely.  The time to choose is now.  Which way will you go?

When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child.
But when I grew up, I put away childish things.”
– 1 Corinthians 13:11 (NLT)

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