Prophetic Words & Visions

A Tide of Glory (Jan/Feb 2016)

Here is the vision I had during one of the prayer meetings in January 2016.

“I saw the West Coast of the United States of America. Along the entire West coast (Washington, Oregon, & California) was a tide that came in from the ocean. It did not wash up the shore. Instead, it was as if the tide came in and stopped right along the line of sand. That wave was so pure white and rolled up, as if waiting for it’s time of release. From inside of it, there was a bright golden glow radiating from it; which was the glory of God! Then I heard CLEARLY, “I am about to sweep across this nation.”

In one of the prayer meetings in February 2016, I saw this vision again. It was as if God was saying, “It’s time of release wasn’t here just yet, but soon.” This time I also saw behind the rolled up tide, hovering above the ocean, the entire Kingdom of Heaven just patiently waiting for God to say “go”. Exciting!

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