Prophetic Words & Visions

Valley of the Dry Bones

Here is the vision I had during the prayer meeting on April 8, 2015.

“I saw a valley and in the valley was nothing but a bunch of bones laying around. As soon as one of the ladies prayed breath and life into the bones….I saw God wearing a commanding officers hat and he commanded the dry bones to come to life…then immediately all the dry and dead bones just reconnected and they all stood up bold and confident and in a straight line!”

IT IS TIME! IT IS TIME TO REVIVE THE DREAMS, VISIONS, AND PROPHECIES THAT WE HAVE ALLOWED TO DIE BECAUSE WE STOPPED BELIEVING AT SOME POINT. Speak LIFE into them NOW!”I pray that our father in Heaven anoint your eyes to see it all through His eyes, that He anoint your ears to hear through HIS ears and to anoint your mouths so that you speak with HIS mouth with HIS words. I decree and declare over the entire body of Christ that God your will be done and I take in no other way! In Jesus name, Amen!”


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