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Transition to Spiritual Birth Momentum

It’s been a very interesting yet truly amazing season!  Those who are chosen for this time right now are literally transitioning into the birth of their purpose and destiny.   It has been intense yet God is working on the final touches.  He is not only purifying the oil that is about to flow out of you but also final deliverances are taking place. This is also a time that those who are called to be a deliverer are being fully delivered themselves first!


Be patient with yourself and give yourself grace in the process that you are in right now.  The situations that look like delays are not. It is time being given to make things right.  The crooked places are being made straight in all areas of your life.  Many times you will pray for the answer but fail to recognize it when it comes.  Your natural mind likes to make sense of things first before it wants to move as well as make a picture of what an outcome will look like and comes in agreement with it.  Then when God starts working, you end up rejecting the process because it “looks” different than what you imagined.  You end up setting yourself up for disappointment because you did not identify it correctly.  Stop connecting things based on your natural understanding and abilities.  Let the Holy Spirit do it.

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you see where the fine lines are between your own thoughts, Gods, and the whispers of the enemy.  God works in ways that are beyond our minds capacity to grasp (Isaiah 55:8-9).  Look closer and you will see that God is actually answering your prayers.


You cried out for justice and now it is happening.  As it is happening, you are also saying, “God what is going on, I can’t take this anymore.”  What does justice really look like versus what your mind pictures it looking like?  When you say that you want justice, you want freedom and deliverance. You want all the injustice that has happened against you to be redeemed completely, correct?  The time for justice is now and it is in progress.  Do you see it?  To get to the point of receiving justice, we must go through another process.  It’s not a bad thing.  In that process, what starts to happen is all the access points that gave the injustices is completely revealed because His light will shine in those areas first.  It will be highlighted to you because it needs to be dealt with.

Be extremely cautious not to call what God is allowing, warfare.  Do not push away what God is doing to answer your prayers.  All those pains, wounds, and hurts came about over time and it won’t necessarily go away in a moments flash.  It is through the process, any process, that you are strengthened, shaped, and formed in all areas.  If you did not go through hard times, how would you be given the opportunity to learn & grow?  God didn’t promise that there wouldn’t be any hardship, but He did say that He would be with us through them.  God never left you.

In the process of receiving justice, is a process of healing.  Healing must take place.  Take a closer look because what looks like a chaotic storm to you is actually the whirlwind of God re-aligning all areas of your life.  The gale force winds are here and those winds are removing every hindrance while putting things back in order.  Let’s say for example you will go clean out your room.  To clean it out, first you will take all the stuff and lay it all out.  Then you will sort it all out removing everything that you don’t need anymore and put it in a different pile to get rid of it.  Once that part is complete, then you will put the stuff you have left back neatly and in a new order.  So, how is it any different with your life?  Take a closer look and you will see the hand of God moving in the midst of what looks like chaos to your natural eyes. It is in the storm that you will find Him.  Ask God to give you eyes to see.


The eagle gets excited about the storm and uses the storm to go higher in altitude.  It loves to ride the wind and it lets the wind carry them.  This storm has come to re-align you, bring you to a new order, and to take you to new heights.  Let His wind carry you.  You are not to go through by your own might and power but rather by His spirit.  You weren’t meant to do this alone.  Partner with the whirlwind, sent by God, to get to the place that you are called to be at.

This is a season of major upgrade and it is the time to transition out of your hiddenness and catapulted into your purpose that you have been prepared for.  This time of what looks like a slowdown, is actually a divine pause for a greater cause.  This time is a blessing for you. Thank God for hitting the pause button to give you the time you need to prepare for your launch.  This is a time of major preparation to ensure you are positioned properly not only to receive but to also steward well your purpose.

It wasn’t a delay so don’t mourn over what looks like wasted time to your natural eyes and mind.  It was redemption of time being given so that you could spend more time with God in the position of “listening” to His voice. It’s time being given to re-align your heart to His, separate what was your desires vs His desires, dig deeper in His word allowing His written truths to penetrate you further, as well as taking you deeper into knowing who He is and who You truly are in Him.

In this time of a divine pause for a greater cause, God has allowed this time to remove the muzzle off your mouth because you were meant to speak.  God has allowed this time to de-mask you from the layers of situations and circumstances that caused you to walk in a fake identity.  This is your time to pull off the mask(s) that caused you to be intimidated and isolated and exchange it for walking in your true identity!  It’s time to cause the Kindgom DNA Alliance Paradigm Shift and you have a part to play!

Let the whirlwind of God strengthen you & catapult you into the fullness of your potential that you were called to on this Earth. Be encouraged!  You are about to literally walk out what you are called to carry.

This is the day the Lord has made.
    We will rejoice and be glad in it.”

-Psalm 118:24


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