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The Perfect Storm–Crossing the Threshold to Your Promised Land

Body of Christ, you are crossing through another threshold. It’s time to walk out your “promised land”! The intensity of the fire has been increased to refine you. In this season, He is after fine-tuning your character and attributes. How you respond will determine the course for your next season. It is important that your yes is yes, and your no is no! You can either be hot or cold! In fact,  according to the Word, anything in between comes from the evil one.

“Just say a simple, ‘Yes, I will,’ or ‘No, I won’t.’
Anything beyond this is from the evil one.”
-Matthew 5:37 (NLT)

I can’t say this enough: Heed to the process that God has you in right now. Embrace the process with joy for the joy set before you and for His glory alone.

In this season, put aside all the things you “want” to do and give that time to God in the secret place. There will be a sweet exchange for everything you hand over to Him. There will be beauty for ashes and dancing for all your mourning. Jesus Christ is your first love! He beckons for you to come unto Him. Go deeper in Him and in the Secret Place.


Identify the Storm:

He is scanning the Earth and looking for His righteous and pure vessels. Situations and circumstances that you are going through are drawing out impurities in you. No matter how it looks, it’s Him making the crooked places straight, filling every valley and making every hill flat! No one said that the process for this would be easy. Think about when a person goes to a Chiropractor to get spinal adjustments. The chiropractor does his job and you hear all the pops down your spine where it’s needed. Then, for a couple days, you may experience discomfort, inflammation, and pain. This discomfort, inflammation, and pain is the process of healing after the bones went back into place. To take care of it you must apply ice and heat as needed.

In this way, the sudden situations and circumstances that came about in your life this season are the spinal adjustments. They are in the areas of breakthrough.  It was a sudden “POP” back into place. Now, what you are dealing with is the discomfort, inflammation, and pain which is the process of healing. This heavenly chiropractic adjustment is drawing out impurities in you as well as bringing healing in your hearts, souls, and relationships.

This process is especially strong in the area of provision, health, and family/marriage relationships. You have been waiting for these breakthroughs and suddenly it seems like chaos broke out. This is a divine chaos sent to bring things back into order. This is the perfect storm that was sent to set things straight.  You are at the threshold of your breakthrough! God is in the mode of bringing you full restoration! All the years that the locusts have eaten will be restored to you! Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy but God comes to give life and life more abundantly.


Wisdom Through the Storm:

Your destiny, purpose, and promises are at hand. In each situation and circumstance, choose wisely for there is only the option to do it your way or God’s way. You have the same amount of hours in your day that David, Moses, Abraham, and others before you had. Use your time wisely! None of them that walked before you had any secret formula.  They simply had a close relationship with God through the secret place.  The secret place in combination with obedience is what caused great impact for the Kingdom of Heaven.  The consistency of intentionally being in the secret place caused the fear of God to come upon them.  There is urgency this season to yield before God.  You must choose wisely.

And you must love the Lord your God with all
your heart, all your soul, and all your strength.”
-Deuteronomy 6:5 (NLT)

Slow down and yield before God in full humility this season and in due time you will yield an abundance in your harvest. Return to your first love! Run into the arms of your first love, the Great I AM–Elohim! He waits for you to run into His arms so He can pour His love into you.  Just like a child who is running and then trips to only find that his/her knee is scraped. That scrape caused unbearable pain and burning. This same child in this condition gets into the arms of his/her mother and is comforted. The pain is still the same but the comfort the child receives overpowers that pain. After being in the arms of his/her mother, receiving that hug, and being in her lap is when the wound begins to heal. In the same way, run into the father’s arms the way you are. He awaits to love on you as no parent can bear seeing their child in pain. No love can compare to love that the Heavenly Father has for you. Don’t isolate yourself, just drop everything and RUN INTO HIS ARMS!!! Oh, how He longs for you right now!


Strength in the Storm:

God’s about to bless you before your enemies! Start thinking about everything God has done for you. Thank Him for each one of them. Be like David who had recognized when he had lack of faith and strengthened himself first. He strengthened himself by thanking God for the things that He did for him. Only after David was refilled with faith once again, did he then go and inquire of the Lord. David knew that He needs to be in full faith before inquiring God. Many of us do the opposite. Thank and praise your way through this perfect storm that was sent to bring restoration.


“I pray that you are given His eyes to see all situations, circumstances,
yourself and those around you. I release grace to you for your process.
I speak into you that His grace IS sufficient. I summon you, Angel of Time,
go forth to the sons and daughters across the Body of Christ and restore
all lost time NOW! I decree and declare into your spirit that you can do
ALL things through Christ who strengthens you. I speak forth to break off
all known unknown intentional and unintentional agreements you have
made with all “I can’t, I won’t, I am not able, I am not capable, I am not
worthy, I am afraid, I am not good enough” right now! I speak forth into
these areas right now that “yes you can, you are able, you are capable, you
are worthy, you have not been given a spirit of fear, and you are good
enough!!!” I speak forth, “rise up mighty warrior, rise up higher, look higher,
go deeper, and let His wind carry you over the storm.” I decree and declare
that God is all you need, and He is more than enough! Everything I have
asked in Jesus’ name and believe it is done. Amen.”

Look how far you have come!  This is not the time to give up! Go forth by His spirit and finish this race strong for His glory! God bless you all abundantly! All the praise, honor, and glory be unto God alone!

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