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Pioneers! Are you ready?

Pioneers! Are you ready because its time to go! You’re ideas will be new to the people and thats ok. You know why? It is because Pioneers do things in a way it’s never been done before! There comes a time when it is realized that the old way things are getting done isn’t working anymore. Then God gives His pioneers new ideas not only to solve existing problems but to also prevent new ones from happening.

The Earth has been moaning and groaning for the chosen sons and daughters of God! It’s time and you are being sent forth to apply the solutions given to you by the Kingdom of Heaven!

Go pioneers of this Earth; you know who you are! You are an ambassador of Heaven! Go forth boldly! God is with you! In fact, He is ahead of you and has already paved the way! All you have to do is trust Him and move. Your action will bring traction! You’ve got this!

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