Women's Prayer Group News

DOZ: February 2017

The women’s prayer group/bible study is back up and going.  It is so awesome to watch and experience how refreshing the time of soaking in the presence of God is!  We start by simply by soaking in Gods presence with worship music playing as led by the Holy Spirit.

Imagine the weight of a ton of bricks just falling off of you from all the things you went through in the week.  That’s what it feels like by the end of soaking worship time.  It is such a sense of relief and deep peace that can only come from God.  He has had me always start that way and the reason is so that the things we come in with do not affect negatively or hinder what you receive from God.  It also helps the thoughts in our minds come back to balance. No better way to explain except to experience it your self.

We have started a weekly book study.   The name of the book is “Women: God’s Secret Weapon” by Ed Silvoso.  This week we are reading Chapter 2!

I will keep you posted on how the Daughters of Zion weekly prayer/bible study days go.

All the praise, honor, and glory to our God alone!  Be blessed!

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